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6 Dimensions Of Conscious Living And Well-Being

6 Dimensions Of Conscious Living And Well-Being

This ebook on 6 Dimensions of Conscious Living & Well-Being has been a long time in our minds. When working on our Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21 we analyzed different angles we believe are part of a more Conscious Living and Well-Being.

You will discover six areas we've noticed belong to today's idea of Conscious Living - a way of embracing every aspect of our life - inside and out our homes.

You can expect to browse through examples of product design, retail design, service design, technology, architecture, beauty, travel, among others, but for a limited time period only.


"This eBook illustrates in a visual and informative way how widespread the idea of Conscious Living has become from a design perspective.

It should give some food for thought on reframing any brand purpose and response to the demands of an audience who looks for honesty."



The reason why we have created this report is to underline how widespread the need for a more balanced life in today's society is.
We all (including our clients, friends, family members, and the Eclectic Trends team) have noted an increasing shift towards JOMO - the joy of missing out.
CEREMONY shares inspiring projects and data to reflect the need for Meaningful Design within the interiors and design field. We take a closer look at concepts such as self-care interiors, holistic well-being, and mindful practices inside but also outside our homes.

Furthermore, the report observes what Good Design means today, and how analog and digital care can live side by side.


The Trend Report addresses the moment we live with a need to counterbalance the chaos that comes with a rising and unstoppable urbanization.

We all can somehow resonate with CEREMONY.

The overall well-being for humans becomes the center of attention where rituals are often a useful and essential tool helping one's body and soul to find peace of mind.
By focusing on personal growth, transformation, and healing, individuals want to generate a beneficial state of mind that can be shared and spread after to the world inside and outside our homes.

Our home and lifestyle will need to provide solutions to unwind, detox, and allow for inner reflection.


'CEREMONY' is a digital Trend Book. It comes as a downloadable ebook and includes several bonuses. We have created two versions.


As a result, we have put together 216 pages in this complete digital edition represented through

  1. Key Visuals of many inspiring projects
  2. Materials, Pattern and Shape definitions
  3. One Color Palette with Pantone color codes
  4. 10 Color Combinations to give ideas for your own stories
  5. Consumer Expectations so as a brand you can act upon it
  6. How to Translate Design Features to make sure to translate relevant messages properly
  7. A few Statistics to understand what drives a large percentage of end consumers today who relate to CEREMONY


The digital Trend Book includes three additional bonuses:

1. Printable Worksheets

We like to make our products as useful as possible.

Therefore you will find worksheets to anchor the learnings, get a more memorable experience and craft right away a briefing for your colleagues, providers, or yourself.

2. Materials Guide

This Pdf shows ideas of what materials would be relevant within the CEREMONY universe.

We've included all brands' names so you can contact for direct requests on product details.

3. Behind The Scenes Interview

It is always interesting to get some further information about specific projects.

This applies especially in today's digital world, where it gets harder to understand the process, possibilities, and benefits.

We have talked to Luxury Escapism and share a virtual reality experience.


1. Would you like to become a partner with your end consumer and stop being considered as a brand that sells products and services only?

The definition of well-being expands, including an understanding of a more ’holistic health’; you will create a loyal relationship with your consumer base if you master that point.

2. Consumers are increasingly motivated to take charge of their 'holistic health'.

But what is 'holistic health', and what design and services are already on the market? How can I offer added value as a brand or designer?

3. 'Meaningful Design' is the new watch-word, and we need to redefine Good Design today.

How can I contribute to creating a more 'meaningful Design,' and why does it matter?

4. We live in an ever-changing society. Do you feel it gets hard to keep up?

The forecast helps you

  • develop a confident speech
  • to defend arguments within your corporate structure or in the presence of your clients
  • find ideas for new product lines
  • hone your communication skills
  • understand under-lying patterns of societal structures


CEREMONY is thought for everyone interested in knowing how our society reacts to shifts such as

  • the pursuit towards a more balanced life
  • a new understanding of health
  • the aim to integrate analog experiences
  • getting to know the wisdom of ancient celebrations
  • celebrating rituals
  • live a new form of spirituality today
  • the rise of self-caring interiors

Also, if you identify within a broad spectrum of designers, marketing experts, color specialists, material experts, purchase departments, bloggers, journalists, researchers, and teachers, then we consider this Trend Report is for you!


CEREMONY tackles issues of how to find balance showing inspiring projects and experiences. However, we do not aim to offer a self-help book 😉


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